Monday, May 10, 2010

roomy roomy boom boom

Eh blog ,,

Have you ever seen my new room ?Have you ever noticed that I'm now in level 3 ?That's unbelievable raiiteee ?!!I know !HAHA

So E 3.4b is where my room is for now ,I mean for one year .my room is in ground floor ever since I started my life in Gombak .First year I tercampak kat D 1.1 and for the second semester ,they put me in D 1.5 (my favourite room ever !) .So now UIA have new rules where the students can choose their own room and E 3.4b is what I got .macam SHIT gila !semua rushing nak ground floor and pilih roomate bagai but me ,,I just don't choose roomies cause I have bad experience in choosing my own roomies .ahax :P .Learn through mistakes .Therefore ,I let them choose for me who my roomates are and for now I'm quite satisfied with the roomies as long as they don't disturb me .mind your own business .HAHA

This shows how TINGGI my bilik is
Oh sangat malasnya nak naek tangga !>.<

SEMPIT gila kaaan ?
Yeah yeah ,,people will like "weh knape bilik kau sempit gile ni nurin ?"
"aku rase kau kena ckp ngan org mahallah lah mintak kau tukar bilik lama"
"gile kecik bilik kau weh .jauh beza gile ngan bilik aku"
"tape bilik kecik-2 ,,senang kemas" ---- PHEW !Fatimah is always positive .that's why I lavh her !;DDD

I DON'T CARE if my bilik is kecik ke sempit ke whatevs BUT the point here is the view from my window !it's awesome weeh !sumpah macam fresh air gila !So I'd rather sleep with the window open .macam fuuhhh ,kalah muar !err okay ,,itu over sikit .HAHA

and the friends is jealous with the view from my window .serve you right !who asked you to kutuk my room bagai nak gila and please lah compare the view with yours kan ?memang KALAH !hahaha tibe-2 nak emo :P



Blogger AmirFX said...

Nice pic.. Guna dslr ker?! hehe.. Turun naik tangga tue boleh gak untuk eksesais... haha..

May 11, 2010 at 12:02 AM 
Anonymous nuns said...

Thanks amir !taklah ,,digi cam lame .haha
tulaaa tp sangat malas okay !:P

May 11, 2010 at 2:30 PM 

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