Monday, May 24, 2010

It's just another beautiful day

Eh blog ,,

Yesterday went to visit WakFuad at Subang Jaya after went shopping at KLCC .I didn't buy anything .neither did Dina .eh but she bought maxis broadband and she was so excited about it .I think that's the second asset that she bought after the mp3 player :P .Jihan bought a pair of shoes ,eh more to sandals I guess .jealousyy jealousyy !:(

Then Nur and family were already there at WakFuad's house .we met MakWok ,WakFuad of course ,Farah ,Najat ,Hakam ,Tamik and the three lil rascals ,Bazil ,Seth and Rayyan :) .it was Nur's 42nd birthday and Najat bought her secret recipe's chocolate indulgence cake .oh so yummy !!*drools* but I only get to eat one slice sebab sangat kenyang .Rayyan was so tall !!!macam oh alrait the next time I jumpa dia mesti tinggi lagi macam Hakam dah -.-"

I had fun at WakFuad's .I laughed my ass off .haven't done that with the family for agesss mahn !:( then went to De' Templer Restaurant for lunch .we all had dim sum and again ,,it was super yummy !:D:D

Jihan sent me back to UIA around 6pm .ugh sedihnyaaa :'( but it's fine cause I had apam balik waiting for me at Ain's room .whippyyy !!!:DDD thanks Ain darling ,L U !:-*

slept over at Keng and Ain's sebab phobia dengan what had happened last Saturday !>.<

and as for today ,,I'm fasting and I cannot have lunch with Maryam and Fatimah :((



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