Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Little Something About A.

A, B, and C are in the same college. B knows C better than A cause A was a junior when A enrolled there. A knew C when C was taking C's masters. A and B knew each other since forever.

One day, A went to B's office to return something. A never have the courage to look into guys' eyes. Whenever A sees a guy, A will look down or trying to avoid eye contact with them cause A believes that pious people can see others sins. So, A thought that A made more sins than good things, A decided to not to look at guys' eyes. That's A principe. 

At the office, C was talking to B and suddenly A knocked the door. They continued talking until A came in. A apologized for disturbing and talked to B about that something. C was just looking.... at A. Then B introduced A to C. A was a bit heh... don't really bother about that introduction. So A just smiled and saying goodbye.

On the way out, C stopped conversation with B. A continued walking without noticing that C went the same way with A. And suddenly C was walking beside A and asked, "what's your name?" "Oh. I'm A. What's yours?" "I'm C." "I see. Are you taking literature too?" " Nahh. I was B's former student." "That's cool. I gotta go now. Bye." "Ok. See ya!" A smiled and walked away. 

On the way back, A noticed that B already introduced A's name to C at the office. And why the hell was C still asking what's A's name? 
                Was that the way to start a conversation? Or was it just the reason C wanted to be friendly since A is close to B?

To be continued.........



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