Sunday, August 18, 2013

Days. Weeks. Months. Later.

A started to be an aunt in an institution. A's life surrounded with kids. And A's not getting any younger even when A's working with kids. A's enjoying A's working life.

A started to think of C. 
That's bloody weird.

Since Y is so far away from A. A started to make new friends at work. A is now close with F. But not that A's gotta tell F everything like A's special friendship with Y. 

One day, A accidentally told F about C's story. EVERYTHING about C. Maybe A started to feel that A should express A's feeling? Or maybe A started to realize that A is actually have a little hati at C? That's what A could never figure it out till now.

B had a little something to tell about C. B always has something to tell about that baldy. Dang. Now A got a little too excited. All these while A doesn't even want to hear about C's name. But now it's different. It's all different now. A even was hoping to hear something about C. Anything. Everyday. A little something can make A smiles. 😊

So B said, "A. The other day C was asking about you!" MY GODDDDDD!!! A's heart beats fast. Really really fast! ☺ But A pretended that A didn't really care. "Really? What did C ask about?" "C asked where are you working now? And C said she really wanna stay being an aunt there? That's good. That's good for her at least." "Oh. What's C doing now?" "C's teaching in one of the international schools here." "Oh that's great." The conversation stopped just like that. Why?

Because A was embarrassed that A's just an aunt in an institution! That's something that people will look down at. Plus, is that all that C's asking about A?

In A's mind, 
"If B is serious to match-make me with C, why the hell didn't B give my number to C????!!!"
"If B is serious to match-make me with C, why the hell didn't B tell good things about me to C!!"
"And why C still didn't give any hints that C likes me or at least tell me that C doesn't even have the feelings towards me?"

Don't make A wait for those answers, C.
Just don't.
Torturing A's heart & feelings. 😲🔫

To be continued....


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