Sunday, August 18, 2013

High Hope.

Few months later, so many things happened, A was so busy with college. A never met C since then. A never run away from C. A never hide from C anymore. A never wave at C no more. A just focused on A's studies.

B all of the sudden invited A to B's event. "A, are you busy tonight? Come to my party at PQ Square. We gonna have a makan-makan party." "Nope. I'm never busy. Ok sure. InsyaAllah." "Don't forget to bring your twin!" "Who? Oh! Y! Sure thing. But who's gonna be there? I'm a shy shy cat one!" "You'll be excited to hear this! C will be there too!! But S gonna join us. Bergaduh la you two to have C."

            A was like........"WHY IN THE WORLD DO I HAFTA BERGADUH TO HAVE C? I don't give a damn if S wants C or what! Ughh annoying shit."

"So who's S? I never seen S before." "You'll know later. S is a good friend of mine, and C's too."

                Again A was like...... "ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE ME JEALOUS OR WHAT! Cause if it is a yes, I won't get jealous. NEVER!"

A went back to the hostel and straight away told Y about it. Y was so eager! "Let's go A! We'll never know what's gonna happen if we don't attend the party. I wanna see what S looks like!" "But I'm afraid if S is prettier than me." "No way! You gotta be prettier than S. Waaayy prettier I bet!" "Ah! You just wanna make me feel better." And bla bla...

A still didn't understand why is A feeling that way. A was supposed to feel neutral towards C. Cause to A, C is nothing but a friend. A still wondering, A had a lot of crushes! A had millions crush on every guys in the college but why this one whom A never had a crush on, stuck in A's mind and....... heart? WHY???!! A's heart started to explode, really.

That night, A was ready to go to the party. A kept changing clothes cause when A put on a clothe, A'd feel something's wrong with it. B kept calling and Y have waited for sooo long. Y, "A! Why are you late? Are you nervous to meet C?" "NO! I'm not. I was in the toilet. My tummy is not feeling well." "Yeah riiigghhtt!"

A and Y reached PQ Square. They didn't go straight to the party, they hide and waited at the canteen first. Phone's ringing, it was B, "A!! Where are you? Are you coming to my party?" "Yes! I'm on my way!" "Hurry up! Don't worry, C is not here. C has something urgent." "Oh really, ok." A hung up and felt sad.

The party went well. Y ate sooo much! A and Y got to meet S in person! B introduced, "A, this is S! A good friend of mine. How awful that C couldn't make it! If not, you two can berebut C." S, "ishh. That's ridiculous! I'll never want C anyway." A," yeahh! Me too! Ain't gonna happen anyway."

What was A feel after that?
A was very disappointed when C never showed up.
All A wanted to see was C.
A wanted to meet C.
A miss C so much that A would stay up all night thinking of C.

That night, A was so quiet even when Y talked so much about S. A didn't wanna hear anything cause A knew A will never meet C again. A just want that moment with C. Moment when B is there to tease them, and don't bother about S.

To be continued......


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