Sunday, August 18, 2013

What's That Feeling?

Started from that day, A decided to run away whenever A sees C. Or, A would hide first in case A sees C. A is so bad! A is really good at those bad ideas. 😈😎

Y sometimes likes to walk alone in the morning, cause Y likes to listen to the mp3 on the way to class. So A will walk alone to class.

Most of the time when A was walking alone, A'd see C from far. So they just waved at each other. That didn't really matter to A. For A, A just doesn't want to meet C face to face. Remember those eye-contact-issue? That's one of the reasons for A not wanting to meet C.

However, A didn't mind if A meets B. A would always tell B the incidents of meeting C on the way to class. Then B, as always, a STRICT listener, will never laugh, tell A bla bla bla about C without responding to A's story. B is like that. B never responds to others' story especially A's. B will always tell facts. That's about B.

Few days later....

A, B and A's sister went out for dinner together. B was very happy telling A's sister about C. A just kept quiet and listened. Until something attracted A's attention that made A stopped keeping quiet. That something was when B said, "A, did you know that C told me that C doesn't want to get married just like me? C said C wants to continue studies." "Oh really? Wah that's great! How rajin C is to continue studies! If I were in C's shoes, I'd never be so rajin to continue studies." "Ahh! That's typical you!" And they all laughed.

          "This feels so damn awkward." 
Well, that was what in A's mind. A felt something different when A heard that statement of C's, doesn't want to get married just like B? REALLY? LIKE SERIOUSLY? Why does it have to be LIKE B?! 😫

At home, A felt weird about A's feeling for being a little disappointed of 'that' statement. All these while A was avoiding C and why was that feeling came. Came to A without any reason.

Do A started to fall in love with C?
Did A miss seeing C at the college?
That. Weird. Feeling. Only. A. Could. Feel. It.

           "There must be something wrong with me."

To be continued.........


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