Sunday, August 18, 2013

Feelings. They Fade Away.

Since then, A didn't have any feeling to hear about C. A would rather not to meet B cause A knew B didn't have anything else to tell except about C. So A did A's thing until A graduated. A didn't even ask about C. A didn't even think about C. A enjoyed the last moments with A's friends especially Y on their last day of college.

And they graduated.

After their convocation day, everybody had their own journey. They never lost contact. It's just that they rarely contacted each other cause they were too busy seeking for jobs. So was A.

A went back to kampung and met B. B told A that C's mom passed away few days ago. A was sad but A hid the feelings. A's being egoistic. A just told B that A's sorry to here that and blaa blaa about C's late mom.

That's the last news A got from B about C.

One year later.......

Another meet up session with B at kampung. B told A that C's father was getting married. So C's gonna have a step mom! A was so mad knowing that news. And A became angry. A anti C's father since he's getting married just after C's mom died.

At home, A was thinking, "why am I being so emotional after I heard that news? I wasn't supposed to be that mad cause C means nothing to me."

And then B kept telling A about C's father's reception. A wasn't that interested to know anymore. A was bored about that news. According to A, C's life is just like B's cause they have that all the 'step' things. It was a little sucky fate based on what A thought. For A, their life is about the same. So, they are actually meant to be together. And that's really DISAPPOINTING.

To be continued......


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