Sunday, August 18, 2013

Unexpected Intention of B's.

A didn't take serious about C. For A, C is just like the other guy A meet at the college. To A, C is just 'hye hye bye bye' kinda person. A didn't even remember C's face. A could only remember that C is bald.

There was a small family gathering in A and B's kampung. B is a little older than A. Oh, scratch that. Actually, B is waaaaayyy older than A. Ok, kidding! :P So B told the whole family that B wanted to match-make A with C. B talked good things about C to the entire family. Wait, B actually bragged about C. Yeah, that's the correct word, BRAG.

The family started teasing A with C. A was a little pissed off cause A didn't expect that B actually wanted to 'match-makekan' them both. A was confused. But A didn't take it seriously, like A did to C. So A just smiled and started to tell B and the family about the conversation C made. B was excited and suddenly became serious to 'match-makekan' A and C. A as usual, didn't bother and continued.......... eating!

A and family were heading home, and B asked (loudly in front of the family), "A, do you really want C?" A was damn shocked and speech........less. 

                  A was thinking, "am I the one who desperately want C? Do I look so desperate? Do I look like I want C so badly? I barely know C, how am I supposed to answer THAT question?" 

B's sister answered (on behalf of A), " B, don't ask so many questions. Obviously A doesn't want C. A's still in college you see. Make sure A scores first!" And they both argued and laughed. A and family left kampung.....

To be continued......


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