Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Runaway A.

Started from that 'match-making' mission of B's, A started to be aware of A's surrounding/environment. Whenever A's going to class or wandering around the college, A'll make sure A won't bump into C. Because A, B and C are in the same department. Eh, nope. Only B and C are in the same department. A is different but A's department is near to their department. In the same building maaa. A little confuse over there :P

A has a best friend named Y. They were always together. Going to class together, having lunch together, going back to the hostel together, pokoknya, they spent most of the time together and they always do things together. Oh and don't forget they love GOSSIPING! Basically, Y knows everything about A and vice versa cause they shared everything together too. That's how close they were! Until one day B declared A and Y as twins ;)

One day, A and Y were walking to class, they were taking stairs cause Y loves exercise soooo much! Unlike A. A didn't want to take stairs cause A's afraid if A's gonna meet C. B and C's department is near to the stairs. A was talking to Y like this world is theirs. They talked without bothering what others would think. A reached second floor and suddenly stopped. Standing straight. Y was wondering why cause Y nearly fell down.

A was shaking cause C was standing in front of A. C was on the phone but when A stepped on the last steps, C hung up. C hola at A, "hye. Where are you going to?" "Eh hye. I'm going to class. What are you doing here?" "Oh. I was on the phone." "Ohhhh.. Escape from doing your work haaa?" "Eh no laa... I was just..." Without finishing C's last sentence, A interrupted, "ok. We are in a hurry. See ya!" "Oh ok ok. Bye."


A ran away without noticing that Y was left behind. Y was so excited! Cause that was Y's first time to meet C face to face! All these while A only talks about C to Y. A didn't even know to whom A should express A's feeling. So Y was the victim!

To be continued............


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