Saturday, June 4, 2011

Oh is That True?

eh blog,,

I'm having problems doing my Government Finance assignment. This assignment seriously is killing me. I don't mind doing the assignment but why the hell do I have to do research on the Bank Simpanan Nasional? It's like weh, not interesting at all. But well, that's the only topic that have been chosen by the group members. Couldn't argue more on that la :-/

And by the way, I dah lamaaaaaaa gila tak tengok movie! Ever since the rumour about Asid splasher spread out, I stopped going out by public transport. I'm too scared for those rumours or if it is true, lagi lah takut!

But I just wonder why mak and bapak still don't want to lend us their car. It's like, they seriously don't care about our safety or what? Hmm.. We just want to borrow. Not to make it ours.

Okay. Whatever. I gotta start doing my work and at least find the sources and think of how to do it. UGH! IT'S DEPRESSING, I SWEAR! :(:(



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