Thursday, February 24, 2011

You don't have to be so Perasan

eh blog,,

Lately I have mood swing like seriously teruk and that annoyed my friends so farking bad. Sighs! What had happened la -.-"

Anyhoo, I was clueless when a friend of my crushes knows about I have a crush on his friend. You get that? I don't think so cause I talked like a keling now -_-"

It's like this, when yOng and me were on the way to Usul Fiqh's class, we saw meowmeow walking alone heading to HS I guess. yOng was laughing after seeing him and I didn't know why cause I was walking waayy behind. After it was my turn to bump into that guy, he asked me, "okay ke?" I replied, "okay." Then he asked, "taknak kirim salam tutttt?" I was like wattafaakk!!! But with a weird face on my face, I replied, "err TAK?" Then we went away.

After that I told everything to yOng. Yeah, I don't have secrets with yOng, I tell her everything. She's like my problems listener to me, other than being my good friend. Hehe :P

We were like farking shocked! How on earth did he know about me having a crush on tutttt! That's hell weird okay! Ni tak lain tak bukan that F la ni bagitau but wait. I DID NOT TELL THAT F, DIDN'T I? yeah, I think I didn't. Stupid la diorang ni main buat assumption je. By asking that F what's tuttt's name does not consider that I like tuttt right? Sukati je kan F ni! -______-

Dah selalu tau things macam ni happened to me. Bukan kat UIA je. Entah apesal entah diorang ni nak menggelabah katak sangat. Mesti diorang takut a giant/monster suka kat diorang kan. HAHA!

So yeah, next time when I have a crush on someone, I will never let people know. Tapi nama pun 'crush' weh. It does not mean I want him to be my boyfriend or what. C'mon la! I'm so NOT THAT TYPE okay!

If you people know me very well, I'm someone who easily likes cute guys and the next few minutes, I forgot about him and like another guy pulak. HAHA. Yeah, that's just me. I'm not serious in everything that I do :)

I have like billions of crushes I guess. But tu baru kat UIA, belum campur dengan time sekolah and kat twitter and facebook lagi kan? HAHA. Okay I think that's annoying. A lil bit. :P
Me myself don't even know who I seriously like :-/

So for those who think I like him, forget about it. You don't have to be so menggelabah katak or whatever. It is just a CRUSH! I won't ask you to be my boyfriend or what. I know who I am and I know how do I look. I'm not that type of girls that you're wishing for. I know that and don't worry okay. I won't kejar you till lubang cacing and YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE SOO PERASAN :)

Anyway, I have a lil something that I wanted to tell you but jyeah, let's just proceed it to the next post okay cause I'm too tired to tell T_T



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