Friday, February 25, 2011

I Hate that Boy

eh blog,,

I had a lil thing that made me soo upset yesterday and felt like give that boy a punch or a slap on his face! I don't know his name, neither does him. So, me and yOng ended up calling him budak baju ketat cause he wears tight t-shirts to class. That looks SUCKS on you la brother! Not sexayy AT ALL! BOO!

It's like this, we have presentation for Usul Fiqh yesterday. Another 10mins to 12.50pm but sir still called Jaws to present. yOng have class at 1pm but Jaws still doing her presentation. So yeah, we ended our class yesterday at 1.15pm. That was soo farking long okay.

At the end of the class, sir called names for the attendance. When it was yOng's named to be called, that baju ketat boy was behind me. Sir called yOng's name as NurAZREENA instead of NurFAZREENA. I didn't say yes cause I thought it was somebody else. So sir said, "okay absent"

And suddenly, that budak baju ketat mumbling something that I couldn't care less to hear what was it. But I just did I guess, HAHA. He said, "eh itu Fazreena kan." Malas nak layan and I just kept quiet. And he went to the front. I thought he wanted to correct sir about his attendance. Rupanya, he wanted to correct sir for yOng's attendance. OMG! I think he likes yOng lah! HAHA

No, that's not my point! my point here is that... hmm wait till I finish the story first aaa :)

I went in front cause I'm in charge of taking the LCD and laptop whatever la. So, needed to clean those up and pulang to the IRK punya bilik. So I went in front and he said to me, "eh awak nak betulkan nama Fazreena tadi tu kan?" I was like "hmm." Serious malas nak layan siaa!!!

Eh HELLLOOOO budak! I know what I'm doing la! yOng's my friend. Aku tau la nak cakap ngan sir camne. Kau siapa nak sesebok pasal kitorang. Kau fikir aku ni kawan yang teruk ke nak biarkan attendance kawan as absent padahal dia datang class. OF COURSE NOT! Duhhh!!
Okay now, that's the point!

He thought that Imma bad friend yang biarkan attendance yOng macam tu. I know what I'm doing la idiot! Baju tu dah la ketat. Perasan sexy. BOO YOU!!!

I dedicated this for you, budak baju ketat yang psycho gila!
Mind your bloody OWN business!



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