Saturday, February 19, 2011

A combination of hectic week and tough semester

Eh blog,,

Ya'know I tak ambik banyak subject this semester. My credit hours is only 13. Too sikit compared to other geniuses. hehe but jyeahh Imma busy bee for this semester. Monday and Wednesday are the worst days ever! which I have class from 8.30am till 7pm! X_X

Nahh, I wasn't complaining about the classes nor do I wanted to complain about the lecturers. All is well :)

Here's the story when my week began so hectic. Classes were as as usual on Monday. Maulidur Rasul was on Tuesday. So, bapakkk and makkk fetched me at Setiawangsa LRT station Monday evening, after class. I forgot that I have Usul Fiqh midterm on Wednesday -.-"

So yeah, I didn't have much time to study and I skipped all classes on Wednesday. Bad me! Gamelan was the only class that I insisted to go to. Unfortunately, after hours of searching pintu masuk CAC tu, jumpa class but the it was canceled! sheeessshhh! malang gila nasib I :(

At night, me and yOng pegi Usul Fiqh midterm. The test was farkingg hard! I'm definitely a dead meat cause I think I didn't manage to answer the questions. Menyesal pulak skipped all the classes :(

The best part is, I jatuh depan class which is soo farkinggg embarrassing! and the ustaz was laughing at me, and all I sempat cakap was "sorry, sorry.." OMG! sorry for what la Nurin oiii? adoyaii -.-"

And now, I'm busy preparing for my Usul Figh and Methods of Da'wah presentations, Hafazan, Methods' article, and IPE midterm.

How I wish my next week will be wayy better than this week please, Ya Allah? :(



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