Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday, will it be okay?

Eh blog,,

It's Saturday baby! and these few weeks were so tough for me! with 4 exams in a row, hafazan, assignments and presentations. Well as usual, students life la kan, biasa letteww :P

I didn't entertain myself that much lately. I was so stress out with my midterm results. I just spent my weekdays with my girlfriend. On Monday she was not in a good mood therefore, I didn't want to disturb her and I just ignored her and didn't even ask what happened to her cause I know she won't answer the truth. So the next day I buat buat perli dia about the day when she was mad about I-don't-know-what. Then, baru la she started to say something. Well, tak semua but AT LEAST something kan :)

I went back to Ampang on Thursday. Don't wanna spend the weekends kat UIA cause nanti surely aku macam loner gila -.-" Yesterday I woke up at 7.30am but then hAni and diNa were still snoring. This is weird! So I woke them up tapi hAni reply "okay, 5mins lagi" ceehh! last last dia yang lambat pegi kerja! -.-"

and I woke up around 11.30am. Get myself updated with twitter. Then didn't know where and dengan siapa to have my lunch. So, I BBM zull if he wants to have lunch with me. He said okay as long as I tak lambat macam the first day I met him tu. Haha ofcourse la darling! First day haritu I was in a rush kot. hehe

We had lunch at Nando's KLCC. so hungry meh! felt like ordering 1/2 chicken je. Haha tamak! :P There was me, zuLL, muadZ, saFi and waLids. I had fun. They were ohsem! but I was hoping to see @megatmax and @NdraAiyad but well what to do, takda jodoh :P

Everybody was okay, friendly, borak macam biasa but then I found out that waLids was not that comfortable. I don't know if it is just my feelings or what but yeahh. Something wrong dengan aku ke? Do I look like an alien to him? Or he just doesn't want me to be around? :-/

Haha. Anyway, I just love meeting up and spending time with them cause lotsa infos aku dapat and they are my laughing partners. I'm sooo looking forward to spend time with others too :)

We will be having #twtupbowling4Nad at Sunway this Tuesday at 2pm. Whoever is free, you're welcome to join! Come laa! :D:D:D



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