Saturday, July 10, 2010

Welcome Year 3

Oh no ,my pre-registration course session did not run smoothly last Thursday :( .I forgot that I need to register for the subjects .so I went online around 1a.m and the server was being so gay that makes me pissed off .after few minutes of cursing UIA's system session ,I managed to add only 6 subjects >.< Supposedly I'll be taking 7 subjects for next semester but all the reserve subjects are no longer reserved .GAAHHH !So for now ,next sem I'll be taking Event Management Skill ,Arabic Level 4 ,Introduction to Economics ,Political Thought II ,Introduction to Fiqh and Tilawah I which makes the total of 10.5 credit hours only .I'll add manually for International Political Economy and Methods of Da'wah .if I managed to get these 2 subjects ,I probably will drop Arabic Level 4 and one IRK subject .ugh I don't know .I just haven't decided yet -.-"

and I seriously don't know whether I can cope with it or not .with 3 core courses and 2 IRK subjects might sound so tough for me man !oh I've already told my parents about my result .my mum was so pissed off I guess that she was speechless for a moment .I'm sorry .I've tried my best to get an A but I just managed to get A- that makes no defference in my CGPA :(

Therefore ,I promise to myself to be more independent and hardworking for next semester !(HAHA yeah right Nurin ,every semester you'd promise the same thing) But never mind ,as long as the intention is THERE :) the important thing is the intention ,if our intentions are good ,I believe He will help us :) but if talk only ,no effort ,you don't need to say much lah Nurin oii hahahahahaha okay ,stop .enough of me crapping !



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