Thursday, July 1, 2010

the girls that i'm in loved with

Melaka Melaka oh Melaka :D

marked by pleasure

kawan sepanjang zaman <3<3

meet iKi and teacher anIsah =)

when the seniors visit their school (;

Eh blog ,,

Last Friday I went to Melaka with my girls .ohh you know how I miss them so much aite .finally ,we got the chance to hang out and I was so excited !:):)

10am :Umaii fetched me and straight away went to dIba's

11am :with unplanned 'plan' we went to Melaka .HAHA we ,as in me and Umaii ,actually decided to go to Maahad for the SPM certificates thingy - err don't bother to tell heh .so yeah ,,at first it was so awkward when you haven't meet the people for about a year then now you have to hang out with them ?ohh for me it's an awkward awkward situation cause I don't get used to situations like that .got me ?:S

12am :having lunch at McD ,Dataran Pahlawan .boy oh boy ,,you HAVE TO as in you OUGHT look at the way piKa eats !HORROR I TELL YOU !scary as hell !HAHAHAHA !at first Umaii wasn't brave enough to tegur piKa but when I started to laugh ,,then only Umaii did the talking .we laughed at the way she eats .like seriously babe ,do something about it weh !HAHAHA

after that we went shopping ,emm more to window shopping I guess and took lotsa pictures .oh lovessssss =))

4pm :went to Tanjung looking for monkeysss .HAHA but I was fcuking afraid to get closer with the monkeys .oh they are so not my friends :P:P
then went to Maahad and we were so amazed with Maahad's new look .HEH it's just so unfair to be 'that' advanced/developed oh whatevs .I'm effing jealous meh !our class was made a store .wtf !!!&@#$%^!&*(^% !!!haha okay .done cursing *relief* ^_^

7pm :Umaii sent me home .thanks babe =)

Overall ,I was having so much fun .thanks for the day and I love you girls .smooches !



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