Tuesday, July 6, 2010

sayonara three-weeks-of-holidays !:'(

Eh blog ,,

I just realized that I only have a week to sit down and take it easy at home .I'm so lazy to go back to UIA and start a new semester which I know it must be more tough than usual .sigh >.<
Anyway ,,I just read people's status on facebook .hmm I am frigging weird why the status of all people on Facebook said they desire to start learning again .my oh my ,,am I the only one who is not willing to face the reality in which I have to go back this Sunday ?ugh .stop with this UIA thingy ehh ..I just have to enjoy my last day at home with the family :):)

Ahaaa .here's what we need whenever you're in the state of depression !this will calm you and make you happy whenever you're actually not .hehe ;D
at first ,the taste was really bad and erm some sort of weird or should I say too sweet ?but eventually ,I think it tasted really good .like seriously .you must try this icekimo sour soup :)
Available at DairyFresh

it has been proven that it is so delicious =)



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