Wednesday, July 7, 2010

why Holland ?

Uruguay vs Netherlands .I proudly say that I'm on Netherlands side :)

I think
Martin Caceres of Uruguay is so annoying with his 'collar ternaik' ,ugh so not handsome or macho at all okay boy .why is it that you need to lift you collar ,for attention ey ?last night he was playing too rough and made Zeeuw of Holland got injured in his nose :(

Martin Caceres kicks Demy de Zeeuw ,for which he received a yellow card .serves you right man !heh

Demy de Zeeuw is seen after receiving a kick in the face

Sneijder was full of dramas when he tried to push Caceres for making Zeeuw injured .he has been given a yellow card instead :) and oh oh Van Bronckhorst looked so handsome when he managed to get the first goal .I love you for that Vanny boy ;DD

Feels like supporting Holland eventhough Bazil just lost because of THEM !nyeh !:((

Ohmaiigadd Ohhmaiigadd !just after a second I texted aniQ saying that Netherlands rock ,straight away Uruguay scores 1 .UGH damn you FORLAN !>.<

but I think this game is much better than Japan vs Paraguay match because this game is full of dramas .i loikeee :)




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