Monday, December 1, 2008

ohh old friendsss

I have friends
I used to have lotsa friends .countless
They went away just like that :(
Mase berlalu sangat cepat
Sampai mereka lupekan aku
I just dnt understand what actually friends need from me eyy ?
Am i too bad for them ?
I treat them like shit ?
I talk bad things bout them ?
They are waaaaaaaaaaaayyyy to hebat compare to me ?
or I just dont deserve them ?

argh !confuse aku !
stress jadiknye !=S

afidz ridwan
i'm your old friend
i know you know me
we haven't chatted ever since i finished my spm
and starting from that ,you are forgetting me ?
what type of friend are you ?!
and now you call me bitch just because malas nak layan kerenah org
wtf ?!
argh !i just dnt care but actually i care ...................................

nazirul ashraf
i missed you
we've been friends since my first time in cyber world :)
i've cheated you
i know you're like superly duperly hate me :(
i am sorry .i really am sorry !:'(
my mistake .i'm not supposed to cheat on you .it's just that i dnt have the strength and self-confidence to be myself when i'm with you
you know because of my appearance and how do i look like kan ?
like kesten said ,"die tgk rupe lah nurin ,lupe jek kan die"
how can i forget about him ?
HE'S MY FRIEND !used to be ..
how can i get him back ?
please tell me ohh boyyy :(

azlin syahida
My long lost girlfriends
I miss you guys so frigging much !!!!:'(
I dnt think you guys would still remember me but I ALWAYS DO :)

I knew sara coz of mentor and awal ashaari
we both liked him haha ;p
we texted almost everyday and yeah we gossiped a lot !
i put her as my activ5 but no longer in my list now :(
I've known her since she's in form 3 and now she's 17 ,habes spm sudah

I knew azlin because of azan addin
we were so obsess with him .haha funny lame thing ;p
we called each other sampai bill phone rumah melambung
She's The one that i missed the most !='[

I knew Een because of graffiti thingy .
You called me and that time i senyap-senyap used my mom's phone and i thought it was nafis ?haha rindu!
and ohh your ex-boyfriend ,adi ashraf hot stuff dulu weh ;p

These three paling aku baik suatu ketika dahulu
Now i'm nothing to them
I just cnt firgure it why ?
SEDIH amat !:(
but your just the best girlfriends i've ever kenal ! =]

takyah cite lahh uk peeps kan
memang berlambak
and because of i've lost contact with them ,sume pun lupekan aku
cissss !!!:(

haihh ,,how i miss them so much !
i'm like from someone to nobody !
haha sounds funny but yeah it's true mahn !:(
I hope you guys will remember me like i always do :)
goodluck in everything you do guys !:D
I'm looking forward to meet you guys
and hopefully we can be friends like we used to be .hehe =D
and thanks for being my friends dulu-dulu :)


Blogger emira said...

i can see that!
it's my name agaiinn!
ok, well, u c.
i actually understand how u feel.
but why shld u ever waste ur life for a guy like dat?
as a matter of fact, u cld HUNT for a better guy, who appreciates u no matter what. who knows, maybe the guy will appear like TOMORROW?

PS: did i say lupe jek kan die?
silap gile BM aku.
ceyh. kau quote x agak2

December 3, 2008 at 8:01 PM 
Anonymous Nurin nun said...

yeah ,you're the best mahn !
thats why i lavh yah !haha ;pp

December 3, 2008 at 9:55 PM 

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