Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I is not yet tua !;)

tik-tok tik-tok tik-tok
ding-ding-ding !

12.00am ,9th december 2008

It's my birthday baby !:D:D:D:D

Happy Burpdayy to me myself and i ,Nurin Mohd Najib !
Gosh ,i'm getting old
I just cannot accept the fact that I'm turning 19 and next year i'll be 20 which tak akan ade lagi any digits of 1 before the other digits .shiat !:'(
Ahhh !who cares !age is just a number okeh ?:)

I was waiting for my bday wishes .Yes i DID !

But unfortunately FEW of them wished me which makes me feel so sad and unloved !:'(

Anyway ,thanks to them who wished me on my birthday !
I is loving you guys so muchy much !:-*
  1. Fye
  2. Nur
  3. Fazliana
  4. Hani
  5. Humaira
  6. Dina
  7. Fazreena
  8. Hafizah Adnan
  9. Faezah Hamid
  10. Asilah
  11. Hafizah Izham
  12. Iefa
  13. Zati
  14. Athirah
  15. Maryam
  16. Hanis Varx
  17. Nadirah
  18. Umairah
  19. Arina
  20. Adiba RAsyida
  21. Mya
  22. Mirot
  23. Wak Mah
  24. Afifah
  25. Jihan
  26. Hidayah Yazid
  27. Byte Muslim
  28. Izzati
  29. Ain Sulha
  30. Yana Keng
  31. Miza
  32. Anis
  33. Nina
  34. Azlin Syahida
Okay ,the one that i've highlighted is the one that i expect gonna wish me on the dot I mean 12.00am/00:00 tepat okay !
Isyk ,look what they've done ?hahha
nahhh ,it's okay .it's just me who is so gedik with such things ;p

Those who wished me through myspace and friendster ,i'd like to thank you guys for remembering my birthday eventhough i know it's actually myspace and friendster yang remind korang kan ?hehehe ;pp

And seperti the previous birthday ,i didn't receive any giftsss which i don't really care because sudah berumur .hehe ;p

Mak bwat brownies .awww super sweet lah
thanks emak !ily :-*

and i'm boreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddd .haaiihh :(

i wanna go back to uia to meet my friends

hopefully they wanna celebrate my birthday balik .kan best cmtu ?*crossing finger*


Blogger Mahirah said...

oh aku igtkan name aku kne highlight sbb aku sgt la special.
tp rupenye kne perli :P

aku tertdo syg,
tp aku bgn kerana dikau!
aku still tak bole beat kau msg aku on the dot la kan?
nnt aku cube thn dpn ok?

eh gmbr tu!
aku yg tgkp la!

December 14, 2008 at 1:56 AM 

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