Saturday, December 6, 2008


i went to this reunion this afternoon
reunion budak-budak maahad
do i miss them ?
no i'm not

it's just that i want to meet them
i wanna see who has changed

asri fetched me around 11.20am
gile budak itu boleh sesat lagi .hisyk !
then he brought raffy along
agak malu lah because i'm the only girl dalam kereta

let pictures do the talking halrite ?:)

the boys

the girls

zaki ,my ke-brape-ntah crush .well ,memories ~ :D:D

ketam ,bombet ,wantoad ,fizah ,safuan and napi

aizat ,napi and sapuan

and yeah asri tak reti bawak kereta !
he langgar kereta depan die tadi
he was talking to me and toleh belakang
for all of the sudden ..bbbbbbboooommmmm !langgar kereta depan
raffy was like "eh eh asri asri"
gile gelabah mamat tu
wakkaka :P
he has to pay rm40 just to repair his car
mahn ,guilty gila aku and i said i'll pay him rm10
he refused and asked me to belanje him makan the next time we keluar
ohh and kau makan rm10 jek lah ye ?
jyeah riteee !
hahaha thanks asri :D
that's all for today folks
c ya ~


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