Thursday, December 11, 2008

food is what am craving for !;p

Emak cooked this for dinner .I dnt knw what is this .It's called nasi empet goreng mungkin ;p
Yummylicious baby !:):)

And this is tauhu goreng .I dnt like tauhu and neither of us makan ia .Mak jek makan .haha
But believe it or not ,i ate 2 of it !miahahhaha ;pp
Hugraaaayyy weh !i ate this tauhu with sambal belacan .sedap weh !:D:D:D

naaaa THIS IS the sambal belacan .Ucu Intan bought it from errmm errmm entahh ,Kedah kot ?;p
I love it !Enak dol !:):):)
Sumpah ianya pedas to kill !hahaha

Isykk ,,teringin plak sambal belacan yang fye bwat .hehe ;p

Pencuci mulut ,yes we should have this after dinner kan ?
Bapak's favourite yo .
Bukan aku ;p
I didn't take this ,thank you :)

Here's my plate .Licin lagi bergaya !
hahaha ;)
Buuuuurrrrrppppppp =]

Haihhh i thought of not to take dinner last night but i couldn't stand it
The smell of emak's masakan was like wow !:O
The taste of the food was like ok jek .Sambal belacan is the best !:):)
Mahn ,how i hope i can go to bed without my dinner ?=S
I should have listened to Kesten of not taking nasi kan
Tak boleh tahan lah
Mungkin i'll amalkan nya when i'm back to campus i guess


Blogger fashionista said...

bersama kte tidak mkn nasi.
aku benci doh mkn sakng.
sbb braces la.
mesti ade je food selit kat braces tau tak!
aku ke mane2 akan bwk my toothbrush.
lps mkn pegi gosok gigi.
so utk mengelakkan mknn dicelah2 gigi,
kurg mkn!
aku da lme sbnrnye cut my rice :P
tp marilah bersama di gmbk!

December 14, 2008 at 1:52 AM 
Anonymous Nurin nun said...

ahahah ayuh !!tp tidak tertahan bahhh ;pp

December 15, 2008 at 3:13 AM 

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