Saturday, December 27, 2008

kekasih lama

Oh Blog ,my life is full of UPs and DOWNs ,even though im not pretty enough to you ,even if im stupid enough to learn ,even if im a bitch to you ,i still love my life no matter how boring it is

But dude ,why is everybody who added me up has a connection with you ?
Do they have to ?
I mean ,was that you behind all these ?
Please don't ask people to add me just because you want to pay back things that i did to you
Please tell me it was not you
Please tell me that you've forgiven me
Please tell me your gonna be my friend again
Please tell me that you still like me as your friend
Please oh Please tell me that you didn't tell the world that i cheated on you
Please .......Boy oh Boy

Eventhough laughter is the medicine
But i just can't laugh when it's about you baby
That was a BIG MISTAKE of mine and i swear it won't happen again
I shouldn't love u ,ya'know
But fate had other plans for me
There's one thing that's still the same .(:
Baby ,you'd better believe i thought of u then

Was that how he saw me ?
Mahn ,i'm waaay tooo embarrassed after what i did
At the end of the day you're who you're
But it never seemed that you miss me
You've changed innit ?
What ever it is ,I lavh ya and probably always will :')

Imma mess
You can't hide from life, dawg .
Eventually ,you gotta live it
I'm nobody's hero
Life is about taking risk

What's the point in being a good person if this is how it goes ?


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