Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Live your life !

hola people
i am soo fucking darn sad today !
depressed ,stressed ,annoyed ....sume ade

first thing is about my results !
i am not going to major in communication
it's like shiat !:(
i didn't do well
my result sux !:'(
mak and bapak ,i am so sorry for disappointing you guys
but what should i do ?
i'm such a lazy bum
when i have the confidence to get an A ,it end up with the C grade
sape tak sedih wehh ?!:'(
i just dnt knw how to explain to you guys
i know you guys will like "kenapa tak blaja" or maybe "ni lah ,,asyik jalan jek" or "win ni kurang smayang ni win" or kemungkinan juge "salah gune enjoy tu kan win ?"
ohh boyyy ,am afraid to hear those thangs from you coz i might cry in front of you guys
it's a shame of me myself for not being a good daughter of theirs
i know dina and hani did well in their studies
i did !but it's not enough
i have this short-term memory which i dnt knw how to buang ia
i have this habit of last minute of studying
i have this bad bad bad super bad attitude which i dnt do the revision
i just dnt know
kesten adviced me to change in my new sem
i'll try !i mean i'm gonna try to do my best and change everything next semester !
how can i make my parents satisfy with me ?
study !yes study !
but the problem is i'll easily get fed up and give up with myself
anyway ,things happen for a reason kan ?
like kesten said ,if i major in comm ,i might not like the subject or i might fail for the following semester
i agree but me myself dnt hv any idea what will be the responses of my parents when they get to know my result
Ya Allah ,hopefully they'll understand and give me another chance to prove to them that i actually can do it !i know i can do it !like my sisters but .........................................
haih =S

second thing is about kegemukan
well ,i know i am fat
obesity or whatever people call it
i just dnt knw how to loose my weight
ya'know am soo lazy to exercise sume kan
so ,i have an idea of going to London weight management
hahaha ;p
i tried to ask my mom
it was like "mak ,tak aci ah hani dpt cantekkan gigi ,dina rambut ,org tade ape pun"
and mak was like "abestu win nak cantekkan ape ?"
yesss ,,she's asking baby !!:D:D:D
"org rase org nak kuruskan badan kat london tu ah"
"situ mahal ah win"

yeah i knw it's expensive
super duper expensive
but when i'm desperate to be kurus ,i need that management
hahah ;p

i dnt knw if my parents mampu or not ;p
but let's just try ,ape salahnye kan :)
like bapak said ,"jangan sangke buruk kat org"
yeah ,lets not sangke buruk kat mak
and believe it that she will bring me to that london weight management *crossing finger* :)


Blogger dinaRr said...

tak elok ler pi situ.. bile ade cara depan mata, gunekan!! aerobic cd tu byk, badminton etc.

December 3, 2008 at 6:11 AM 
Blogger emira said...

yeah! tol kak dina ckp. ceyh ckp kesten utk topik kedua kau xmasukkan nape?tara guna kau! *berasa bangga krn 2 kali nameku ditype* hehehehehehehhe

December 3, 2008 at 7:41 PM 
Anonymous Nurin nun said...

hahahaa you guys are just jealous !
hmm tgk ah dlu kate korg kann
heh heh ;p

December 3, 2008 at 9:57 PM 
Blogger Mahirah said...

nurin, jom kat gmbk hit the pool and gym (if any). im desprately need to kurus. aku pon stress sgt psl nak lpsing weight. imagine listening to ppl saying that u gmok while actually u are just a bit chubby and hvg extra weight here and there. and everyday kne compare to ur sisters. even ur aunts tego u gemok. and ppl said that i look like the oldest whilst im the youngest girl in the family. it is so depressing. semlm i thot of joining any slimming bodyline yg tak perlu kte go sweat. willingly to spend my own money just to make ppl shut up. tp mahal weeehhh. jhaha. baik wat bnd yg free. lg worth it kot.

psl ur studies,
u know ur weakness. overcome it. semua org kot blaja last minute. if u want to keep blaja last minute, make ur u have ur notes or things ready. then it make stuff more easier. tade maknenye ko ade short term memory. nak katekan aku pon cmtu. lps exam trus lupe kot. haiiihh, cmne nak jd psychologist ni. Alhamdulillah result aku ok. aku bole major. kalau nak make thinsg easier, u list down what u want to achieve, tulis and tmpl so that hari2 bole tgk and keep reminding urself bout it. it maybe mite help encouraging u to do better.

jgn sdey darl! bday mahu dkt :)

December 4, 2008 at 2:34 PM 
Blogger Nurin said...

yelaa ,,aku pun pikir pasal london tu sume but end up i think tak worth it pun .so ,i better sacrify myself to get what i want kan .maybe ,i'll skip dinner and jogging !yeah c'mon mya !we can do it !hehe ;pp

yeahh ,i think i need to struggle lah next sem .sadly aku tak boleh major .it's either aku repeat the subject or try to finish my introduction first and look for what i want .

alaaaaa sedih jugak sebab dah tua !!!!!!heheh ;pp

thanks mya ,ily :-*

December 4, 2008 at 4:11 PM 
Blogger Mahirah said...

im trying something else other than jogging.
aku nak amke herbalife.
rmai kate working.
so worth trying la.
dont skip dinner weh!
kalau nak kurus kan kne makan like 6kali sehari tp sket je.
senang burn.
makan b4 7.
then 2hours b4 tdo jgn mkn.
tp tak bole skip la.

so mari!
kte pegi swim skali. :P

December 5, 2008 at 11:14 PM 
Anonymous Nurin nun said...

eh bole2 ,nnt kat sane kau ajar ah weh
jgn sumbung plak dh ade redha and alyaa nnt
hee ;pp

December 6, 2008 at 9:51 PM 
Blogger Mahirah said...

eh tak.
luvvvv u la chinta!

December 7, 2008 at 8:01 PM 

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