Thursday, December 4, 2008

dear haters

why do people hate other people ?
why do they talk shits about other people ?
why do they love gossiping ?
why do the people want to know about other people ?
you be the judge
i mean you answer it yourselves

well you ,haters are everywhere yo
i mean they are all around us
it's just us who don't even know whether they hate us or not
am i right ?

hypocrite !yes that's the word ,hypocrite !
everybody is hypocrite .so what ?!
but once you're my friend ,do tell me ape salah lah
no secrets between us boleh kah ?!
can i count on you for life ?your just my friend
that's what friends are for lah sayang oi !

even if you've chose the right friends ,they just ain't perfect
they sometimes talk bad things about us behind our back isn't it ?
best friends sometimes do the same thing when the conflicts in the friendship appears
gaaahhh .we can't avoid them lah weh !

anyway ,haters are like promoters ya'know !
yeah as far as i'm concerned ,when they talk about us to others
people will know us rite ?
i mean others will like "ohh ye ke die tu camtu camtu ?nak tengok lahh yang mane satu minah or mamat tu"
alaahh sometimes me myself pun macam tu .hehe ;p

when there's no haters no rumours no gossips = No Life lah babe !:D:D:D
it's a life so ,deal with it lah :)

to my dear haters ,you're welcome here !
your almost welcome !
i know you guys hate me for some reasons
i'm curious yes i am !
but don't you guys feel like to give me a second chance to fix everything ?
yes everybody makes mistake lah you
so do hate me WITH reasons okay ?

well ,if i did wrong or something ,do let me know and tell me the mistakes
because sometimes humankind just dont know their mistake and keep doing it
if not you guys ,the haters to tell us what's the problem ,who else kan ?!
so ,jangan cakap belakang jek lah weyy !
mai mai cik mai !kite settle depan-depan okay ?:)

and if you dont know me ,dont talk craps !
get to know me first and THEN you can talk shit about me ok ?
one more thing ,if people ask you "weh kau kenal tak this girl or this boy ?"
if you know him/her .just answer "yes" lah
don't say "a'a aku kenal die tu ..die tu mmg cmtu ..die cmni camtu bla3 .."
what for weh ?!
your just wasting your time lah !
plus you just jealous with us yang tak buat ape-ape dengan kau and tak baek ngan kau kan ?!
please lah
yes sometimes i'm so childish
that's why people hate me

others will think we ,the winner yang salah
padahal the losers to ape jek enn
they are nothing
they have nothing to do better other than kutuk-kutuk orang belakang-belakang

so what ?!
it's my life
they dont have the right to kacau !
sshhuhhhh ,,fuckooff haters !

but psst ,,cite lah buruk pasal aku
naik lah name aku nanti

that's all folks ,thank youuu my haters ,i hate you :-*


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