Monday, December 6, 2010

Uia really knows how to get on my nerves .end of story !

Eh blog ,,

I've checked my results .it's not that awesome but I'm satisfied with it .thank you Allah !;)

Cute kan Aqasha !!I was so surprised when mak changed the channel to tv3 and I saw him wearing jubah .awh cair la doh !:')

Blog dearie ,mak and bapak have just bought a new cabinet for bapak's computer and wardrobe for them .for me I think it's just perfecto ;)

I love it cause it's WHITE !look so suci man :P

I was so tired helping bapak to sort out the clothes and everything inside the old wardrobe .too many things in the wardrobe rupanya -.-

Gotta watch Aqasha my love !hihiks :">



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