Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Today was a shitrack !

Eh blog ,,

Have you ever tried German Deli at Ampang ?the food is so farking delicious and huuuuuugeeeee !bahahaha !

You won't regret for ordering any of the food there sebab sangat worth it I tell ya ;D

Here's mine called XL mushroom wiggy .I guess so la .couldn't recall the menu cause nama nama food dia panjang panjang .haha

Mak was so surprised with the portion of the food .hihiks

Even diNa's enjoying mak's food .tak malu !haha

I tak rasa its coney dog cause we were so full .therefore ,we tapau the coney dog .looks so yummylicious but sayang ,tak dapat rasa :((

Anyway ,,bapak is looking for other places to eat .any suggestion ?makan besar ,I likeeee !;))



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