Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I never repeat gossip ,so please listen carefully the first time

Eh blog ,,

Have you ever been to muar ?I'm staying here but I've never been to Wetex parade .liar !haha it has been a long time since I entered UIA :(

Everything has changed .Wetex lebih maju dari biasa .awh so sad !I miss the old times .hehe

And so I went out with the girlfriends just now but pQa couldn't join us :(
I miss them .I miss every silly things that we usually do in school .practically I missed school .whaaaaat ?!:O bahahaha !

This time we didn't have the chance to have cam-whoring session cause dbA was rushing to send her friend back home .plus I didn't bring any camera except for my iPod and phone .ehh :(

Muar ?baskin robbins ?seriously ?!:O
Bahahaha !

I met syidA and ePul just now .ePul is not a good friend I guess cause he didn't halo to us .he covered his face instead ,when he saw us .WTF !!Kau fikir kau artis ?!euw !!



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