Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Dear blog ,,

Its been a long time I didn't get connected with you kan
I miss you already !hihiks :D:D

I'm sitting for finals in 2days time
Amaigaddd ,time flies real fast and i don't realize it because it flies so laju like my heart is beating now

Anyhow ,I just wanted to tell you that I havent studied anything yet
I'm not in the mood to study lah
How ey ?

I was homesick like hell and I decided to go home which I just did last saturday
Then I went back here on Monday and I cried all the way to KL )=
Hahaha shame on me but oh well ,I actually always wanted to get retired at the age of 7
Family knows that ,aren't ya ?
So yeah ,whenever I have to be apart from my parents ,I'll cry like there's no tomorrow
I just can't face the reality
It's tough and risky .GAHHH

And here I am in this bloody gloomy room ,sitting alone and trying so hard to study
I just couldn't force myself
If I push myself to study ,my nose would get so itchy and I'll sneeze
I don't want that to happen as I'll wake up all my roomates
HAHAHA (tak berkaetan weh !:P)

I'm not sleepy either
So all I have to do is at least write short notes for Islamic Aqidah
Because I believe by writing notes ,I'd remember at least one or two points kan
Well ,hopefully by tomorrow mood to study will come all by itself
God ,please !=S



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