Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cwekk Cwekk

well well I still couldn't push myself to study and so I decided to blog

I'm so addicted to these websites
  1. Celebrities' Babies
  2. Triples plus One
  3. The Syafies
I'll make sure everytime I go online ,,I'll definitely take a few mins to read their blog
Guess why ?
It's because their blog is full of photos
And it is all about babies

Somehow I think babies are cute

But when the baby is in front of me ,I'll just stare and do nothing
It's like I don't know how to make them laugh
But I'll laugh instead

Funny part is ,everytime I go through their blog
Mak was like "sape tu win ?"
Aiseyyhh ,it's hard to explain because it's unexplainable :P:P

Aww babies and kiddies ,you just make me smile :')


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