Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Emak saye

"Slm grls. U all ok? Doc hs jst cnfrmd tht the lump in Mak's lft breast is to b rmoved 2moro mrnng 8.30 at Pntai Hsptal, Air Kroh. Dont panic ye, DOA kn spya all goes well. Bwt keje,prktcal n exam btul. Cheers kids. "

I received this msg this morning frm my dad
PANIC gla aku terus nangis lah kan walaupun baru bangun tidur

What am i supposed to do ey ?
Dina and hani is on their way home to visit my mum and teman her ke melaka esuk

But i have exam tomorrow
Dina said aku blh blk ,esuk blk sini blk
Tak sempat i guess
Tapi am gonna blk tmw after exam for sure
Do pray my mum will be fine and sihat =S

Call me cengeng ,but i LOVE my mum okay !



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