Monday, March 29, 2010

Hello Stranger

Dear blog ,,

I have a lil something to tell you
This is about my friend
Well I'm not sure if he was my friend previously but he's not for today and for the future of course (=

I couldn't remember how I started to know him
I think through facebook
But am not sho if I added him or vice versa ?
OMG !Seriously macam tak ingat apa pun =S

Then when we first met ,I brought along my well-known friend
So yeah ,"we" went to KLCC and lepak-lepak
Both were shocked because they didn't expect me to bring a friend
I was like "We korang tak payah lah macam nak terkejut lah kan .Bukan aku bawak hantu ke pun"
Yeah whatevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

Long story short ,I think they were mad at me and STILL mad at me
UGH !why must mereka mad at me like gila-gila punya kan ?
It's not a big deal kan ?
Weh ,aku pun pernah kena dengan Kesten where die bawak her sister sekali time kiterang jumpa
And I think it's not a big deal pun for me
Cuma macam ada limitation ah bila borak kan ?:P:P
But ,still I must say ,I HAD FUN :DD

Its been a year kot mereka dah tak contact aku
And I don't bother pun nak contact them
Actually ,,I did put an effort to contact him ,but not my well-known friend .Kihkihkih :P

And suddenly sekarang a friend of this man contacted me and trying to prank on me
WHAT THE HECK wehhh !!!
Kau tak payah lah nak guna member kau nak kenakan aku kan
Contact lah aku sendiri man .Sendiri salah sendiri settle lah beb

I was like "what's your intention to kacau I ek ?"
The his friend was like "Naaahh ,,saje .Ni pun sebab you pnah kenakan member I"
W-T-O !!!!!!!!!

I DID NOT what-you-called "KENAKAN" your friend lahhhh !
It happened that my friend pun okay jek teman I time tu
The more the merrier kan ?
It's for my safety lagipun
What's with that "KENAKAN" thing tu ?=S

So till now I didn't reply the message sebab it's not necessary
I'm just frustrated sebab he's not brave enough to slow talk with me
C'mon lah weehh !

Gdbye X-(


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