Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Thank God today's classes are canceled
Otherwise, how am I supposed to face the fact that my group haven't ready for the presentation yet ?
Unbelievable kan ?
Till now nobody informs me about the next discussion that we are going to have .Nope ,not even Hafizah
I think they've discussed about the topic yesterday but I didn't manage to come
Well ,who cares kan as long as not me who's gonna do the presentation .Nyeh !

I skipped IR class just now
I thought of going to class eventhough Fazreena didn't want to go
But all of the sudden ,my tummy hurts real bad
Aiseyhhh )X

Tomorrow I'm gonna have presentation for Islamic Ethics
It's a lil' bit LECEH because madam is too hm what do we call that ey ?Demanding ?Sort of
So I need to prepare for the presentation
Think I'd better go get ready with the text
Or else ,I'm not going to remember my part as I have the short-term memory problem

Goodbye .


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