Wednesday, June 11, 2008

fcukin shiat

what the hell fire i just couldn't sleep last night and this stupid playstation couldn't be founctioning semlm .marahnye aku weyy !!nahh ,,its ogeyhhh i still have my lovely phone which i can play music and games .sadly i cannot listen to radio :(

now i am freaking bored with my fcukin life .i am a lazy bum u knw ..i hate doing things that i thnk its my job to do it ..haha !

i miss rapfreak like heavennnnn ;DD
i miss my cicak.
i miss si Gila-gila.
i miss my 1st sem.
i miss my ex-rum8s
i miss my timahhhhhhhh
i miss my friends.

*sigh* when will i get the chance to meet them and hang out with them again ?yup yup !i'm waiting fer that moment ;))
results is out on the 13th ni ??matilahh aku kann ..adoii mati ahhh mati ahhhh ..
andai kate aku tidak ke gumbakkkkkk ...AKU MMG MATI OKAYYY :(

anyhow ,aku jmp aqeem lunch td !!!!seronok tu agak lah kan tp die tu gile notty nk mati kan ..
we spent time dgn die agak laa lame kot kan smpai aku cm nk tarik2 pipi die ..wkakaka =P
he hates camera yeah .i hate the fact that he didnt want to take a picture of ours pun td !not even one pun weeyyyy !!geram btl aku ...haha =P

okayy aku rase dh cukop lmbt lah ni aku tdo ,,yana dh x online ,,aku x da kwn nk bercomment di myspace :>


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