Sunday, June 29, 2008


Si A !Puas dah hatimu hmm ?!
what do you want frm us sebanarnya weeeyyy ???!!!!
your not satisfied with us ,come and tell us !but pls dont hurt my aunt ,you bloody idiot !!!
you know what ,,everybody is hating youhh rite now !and and it's forever !nobody will like you except you stupid selfish old husband !
bini paling buduh pernah ku jumpa !bloody hell ..
maken hari maken buduh !orang maken hari maken pandai !
okay i admit i'm not that pandai but but i'm not as morron as you babi !
your not a human okay !ur a BABI yang melahirkan anak berderet2 mcm pigletsssss
hehey but i love babi ,ianya cute ..
but when it comes to u ,,babi yg x cute langsung .patot ditikam cukup2 .HAHA !
you know what ,,my cousins and aunties from my DAD's side if MYEVERYTHANG !
you go to hell betta shutthefuckup !!!
we dont respect you AT ALL !
pegyyy mati sane ,,u slutttttt !!!!
kau aphal maw batu api sama keluarga bapakku ????
kau jealous apa kami gumbira sentiasa hmmm ?

Si A is a total SLUT !!!I hate her !i mean we hate her !!selfish !stupid !UGLAAAYYY !liar !etcsssss
noone will trust you sluttt !

once you talk to me ,i'd reply "BITCH ,I AIN'T CARE !"

hahaha okay ,
whatever ,I HATE YOU S Binti A !!

Because ..

You are STUPID
You are a TRAITOR
You dont always speak the TRUTH
You are a total BACKSTABBER
You always say something that make all of us -MOI FAMILY ,feel hurt
You think that YOU ARE ALL THAT !

but BABY ,please remember that you are NOTHING to us BUT a piece CRAP !

and yeah ,this is me Nurin ;D
satisfy ,huh ,BITCH ?!

**to my makton sayang ,,,i'm sosososSORRY for what had happened .she did knw what shes talking about .she didnt think b4 she talked because her brain is EMPTY like a total fool !

this is how i feel mann ,i just cant luah it to ppl because i'm afraid that my mum will kecik hati
and i bet makton juga kecik hati kan ?:(

*nasi sudah jadik bubur weeyyy*
si A tu mmg patot dpt balasan weyy with wht she's done to us !
with all the kutukan that we've been trhu dgn tabah weeyyy
ape mereka jealous sgt dgn kami ?:(

kami ain't kaya
kami ain't berharta
kami ain't disayangi maktok sgt
kami ain't disturb people
kami do what we think its right and don't care what ppl sayy
we do our own thangs !!
please ignore us if kami x ganggu korg !
please okayyy ,,please ..
dont be just jealous but be VERY jealous bcoz we ppl (bpk's side) x pernah kacau korg wokeyyhhh



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