Wednesday, June 18, 2008

k e r a g u a n

hehey it's wednesday yeah .ohh hell yeah ;DD
when it comes to wednesday ,my dad is at home for the whole day ,he's not going to kumon like yeehaa !
let's go sumwhere that we can take photos ..more photos to go ..yippieee !!

but i guess my phone's camera wont last long as a high quality camera .
now its a low quality one and i envy my sister's .
maseh cantek dan terang .chhhheeeiiiittt :(

i want a digi cam lahh but for what purpose ?
i aint a photographer .i'm very weak in taking pictures.
hani hates me for that !
how do i know !i'm not creative enuff .eerrghh !x-(

okayy i went to tanjung yesterday.
mann ,sangat seronok okayyyhhh !;))
then we makan-makan itu kerepok lekur same burger and fries mcD.

serunuk dapat maen same itu buaiiiiii <333333
then we went to parit jawa so called P.J ??=P
and i bought ice cream and some more ice creams .hahaha
then we makan itu burger again with emak
then i read my current favourite comic;; archie's =)
then i fall asleep till it's 10.30 kot
i watched itu desperate housewives yg dirinduiii untuk ditonton hehe
after that i take a nap lagi 10mins .haha
11pm sharp ,,i watched intan pulak (itu cerita indon)
then i go online till now (pukul 9.21am)
bpk sgt terkejut and i wonder why he tak ajak us hantar emak ke office.
haihhh kate maw ke tanjung lagik lahh sob2 :(
anyhow ,,today nur's gonna take us to a muvieeee !!!
yeaayyyy thats what i'm waiting for !!!!!!!!=DD

okayyyyy i gtg .my stupid old phone needs batt =)
c ya !wouldn't wanna be ya ..hahaha =)


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