Friday, August 28, 2009

Dinner .

I just got back from dinner over at BBQ Chicken Setiawangsa .
I've canceled all my plans .
It is because i'm busy with stuff like exams ,quizzes and assignments .
Ugh !Stress teramat !X-(

I ended up going to BBQ Chicken with my girls and the guys .
It was supposed to be just us ,Me ,fazreena ,fza ,mya ,nad ,zetyy ,fye ,shawal ,payie and helmi
All of the sudden ,ada Zakariya and Ashraff yang tak di undang tu !
Sengal gila weyh !X-(
Hm .Nvm then .

What did I buy ?
Oh just a bottle of perfume from Body Shop and Starbux caramel coffee .
Delicious weh !But all i wanted from starbux is that plain caramel .
Ya'know ,yang pure caramel tu ?Man ,I so oh failed in explaining things .hahah :P:P

Mya's car was like super duper sempit .hahaa
Aku and Mya jugak bebas (:
And setibanya di UIA ,aku jadi hyper
I hello to all the people and yeah thats all
Then fazreena got all mad at me .haha sorry babe :P

So yea ,that's it
I'm looking forward to have dinner with Aleen ,Natasha Aida ,Syakirah ,Tasnim ,Hamim ,and others but i'm not really sure when is it .
I meant the exact date because we are busy with collegue ):

Let's everybody off the lights ,jump on the bed ,pull the blanket ,blink 3times and sleep (=


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