Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Puasa .

Hm .It's our 4th day of Ramadhan .I missed home already :(
At home ,i can have rice and lauk for sahur .

But here ,I have biscuits and bread for sahur

I wonder what can i have for sahur this weekend ?

Because i might bersahur at dina's house .
They don't sahur kan ?

First day puasa di uia ,makan "ayam percit" yang not so tasty but the sauce is awesome !:DDD

Then ,berbuka with mya ,zetyyy ,fye and redha di Leha Kel Food .Ikan Bakar is so yummy okay ((:
What's next ??Somebody please bring me to "kacip fatimah" restaurant .I'm so oh craving for that karipap besar :(

Anyway ,tomorrow am gonna have presentation for CCT

Man ,i dont even know what to present
I mean ,what's the main point of my presentation ?
I couldnt understand any of it after reading the notes like for what ?50times ?
What happen to me ?!
Guess my mind is not here .

I thought of going home for raya dah .man man man =S

Just so you know ,this is FaizalTahir .
Look at his tummy .I think he's getting fat ,isn't he ?
Hahah nahh ,buncit a lil bit but still look awesome !(((((:
Ily :-*


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