Monday, August 3, 2009

Nothing Much

I'm tired
I just got back from Port Dickson
It was such a GREAT GREAT vacation
i'm so gonna miss the moment :DDDD
Single-Cousins-Day-Out rox the sox !((((:

I really need a week off from campus and I hate them badly whom having a week holiday for that H1N1 case
It's not that i desperate nakkan holiday
The thing is I just need some rest ((:

Will this be our LAST conversation ?,that's the question
If you're reading this to that particular person
I'd like you to contact me back yea
and may i please know why you're avoiding me ?!
There's no reason for you to not talk to me
It's killing me !
You're starting the drama
Oh grow up !X-(

and oh people ,i so oh need CROCS like yeah seriously
I'm sick of wearing my crocs-look-alike slipper jepun tu !
Eventhough it's comfortable hmmmmmm tapi kaki aku kotor dah asyik pakai slipper jek
Anyway ,i can't afford to buy crocs
So i might get flats untuk ke class
Yeah .That's it [=

malam all .


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