Thursday, July 16, 2009

Here you go !

Its ain and keng ,people B-)

I had a rough day .i'm tired .my leg hurts so bad .i'm totally broke .can somebody bank in aku sikit duet ?i need to buy toiletries .huhu =P

Well ,as usual ,i'm all alone in this sunyi room
Gahh ,buring gle !

Get updated abt me ppl !
Here ,i'm taking 4 major subjects ,1 irk subject and leadership n management
Its "comparative politics ,public administration ,research methodology and political thought 1"
Plus critical thinking

When you talk to me pls selit a few things about politics because i have zero knowledge abt politics as you can see =S

Ever since fye's not here ,i feel so lonely
But thank god i still have wani ,cik nab ,keng ,ain n nana =DDD
They visit me evryday but today nobody wants to come n visit me .shesh )=

Laughing was the last thg i felt like doing now as i reread the words i'd already memorized
So i'd better off to bed

Malam !


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