Friday, June 12, 2009

I've missed you kesten !:D:D

Here you go Kesten Emira
Entry that you've been asking me to post everything about you
Ever since we're friends
I dnt even know whether you like to be friend with me or not
Naaaaaa NOW i know how much you lavh me !
You've stated there that you oh so LAVH ME kaaaaann ?*blushing*

But i think she's using me
Look at the issue that we were discussing about
Ciss !bodo punye orang .I thot she's gonna lavh me for who i am
Rupenye she lavhs me just because i wanted to help her to korek the gossips .Ape punye orang laaaaaaaaah !X-(

Anyway ,,this is for you my little friend
I only can lepaskan rindu kat kau by looking at your photos that you shared with me tu
Dah lah dah delete friendster !i wonder how am i gonna keep in touch with you
Thank God there's a thing so called YahooMsgr !
Memories will never leave my mind ,oh no ,,
And i want you to know that I miss you so =.=
It's hard for me to say those words
And I just can't believe that I'm gonna say this ...................I love yaaahhh TOO :-* !gaaaahh :P:P
Daymn !I feel like crying now ..shit shit shiiiaaaattt !!='((

Goodluck in Germany
Hope to see you soon(:


Blogger Emira Kesten said...

now u wanna make me cry to0?! damn lahhh xsangke kau buat post cmni sekali. arghh da 2 org buat post utk aku dan aku rase nak nanges! wehh x rock a aku gini. hahaha

thanks babe. sorry for the late visit. aku xde rumah sehari suntuk semalam pergi celebrate abes exam and arni aku mule practical.
thanks again

nak jumpe mai sini ah.hehe

June 16, 2009 at 12:49 AM 
Anonymous nuns said...

alaa dah due org ..i guess i'm the 2nd one ?:(
tak appreciate ahh tu .cisss haha

peehh bestnye dah abes exam !aku 23rd ni =S

alaa on ym cukup !rindu gile kat kau .hehe :P

June 18, 2009 at 1:41 PM 

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