Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I feel not to ......

Have they ever felt of missing their sisters when they are not gathered for a long time ?
Don't they like missing me staying at home since I dah tak balik for lebih kurang 2months ?
I just don't understand .when I don't want something why do they want it and I know they're not forcing yet all I have to do is ikot kate diorang and as macha said "ikot jek kate parents nun .manalah taw ade himahnye ."
Yeaahh yeahh ,how i WISH and hope himah die i'll get 4flat kan ?heh =S

If this how it goes ,i don't think i'll be homesick .argh !
I don't have friends !All my friends dnt take shortsem
Who's gonna spend the time burak with me ?
Now you do the thinking !Benci aku !X-(


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