Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How eyy

Here's a photo of us spent time together and messed around during the last day of 2nd semestah .Aww i miss this moment =(

Oh btw ,how can i update my blog through phone tanpa meletakkan gamba ?It's tiring to think what gamba should i start with =S

I'm gonna miss my last weekend .We went to Malacca ,Muar and Klcc(aquaria) .It was super great .We had a blast !and Dina called it as 'destinasi budget' .(=

Today Timah and Maryam ajak me to go to carefour(i dnt knw the spelling) after class .I wanna go but should i tell Fye or not because am not sure i can ajak org or not .Adoi sgt mengstresskan :-S

It has been 2weeks i'm taking shortsem and i feel all alone .i miss my friends .it's hard to find new friends .but thank God i still hv fye .the problem of hvg her is that we feel bored with each otha because we're ROOMATES&&CLASSMATES .Nyehhh .

I'm hantaring my laptop to this bro tonight .aww i'm sooo gonna miss my faizaltahir .sob-sob

Gdnite ppl ,,


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