Monday, March 16, 2009

Lil Kiddies

Me and my friends went to this kindergarten named Ar-Rahman
at Setiawangsa every Friday
Ain't that cool ?
I loike kids

Our first day was okay
but the kids were not that friendly
They learned hardly
And it's funny

I still remember when they said "Good morning aunty"
we were shocked and laughed
Then they changed to "Good morning kakak"
after their teachers asked them to call us KAKAK
well ,i feel so old that time !

Next friday
Me ,macha and fye didn't go
because we have lotsa thangs to do
We missed those kids :(

The following friday
we went there again
This time we bring along marble cake and and entahhh
That day they served us and the kids
cereal and marble cake
Daymn !I'm so in love with that marble cake mahn !
I feel like wanting it more and more

That was the last time we go there
We took lotsa pictures
Kiddies are so cute
I love them but i hate them too

Everynight before going to sleep
I must take a look at their pictures
As well as my nephews and niece's pictures
Oh and my friends' nephews ,nieces and adeks

Shit !
I nak mintak pictures of that persian kids laaaahhhh
Who're those little rascals eh ?
Elyas and Omar kan ?
sssssshhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssss ,,cumil wehh mereka !!

Well ,kids are adorable
But sometimes annoying
No no ,,
MOST OF THE TIME they are annoying
This boy looks sick .I dnt knw his name .Sorry

Here's Raziq Dani who's deeply IN LAVH with fye .HAHA

Danish is his name .The cutest among all !I like the way he posed baby ~((=

Afiq Husaini is the victim in doing research .hahaha .Otai habis !:)

Rizal is such a rich boy .I met him once jek :(

Meet Alep Haykarl !I like him !I like him !Shy shy boyyyyyyy but cute gilak bah !((:

This two i'm not sure what are their names but look at that girl !she's wearing my baju kurung !heh

I think this is syarifah .she looks exactly like Marissa (mya's niece)


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