Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mean man took my candy

I don’t feel like blogging because i don’t have any ideas what to write .I like ideas .i wonder why i don’t get any hm ?!=S

Anyway ,i tidied up my room just now .I washed all my clothes and swept the floor but i didn’t sweep others compartment because i was afraid to get into their compartment (jyeah right =P)

And this annoying compartment-mate of mine made me mad .really mad .while i was sleeping last night ,suddenly she switched on the light .Watta FUCK !!!!!!!!i was sleeping lah weeehhhh you bloody perempuan !X-(

And today i am not in the mood .i just keep quiet from the time i wake up from sleep and till now .seriously i have no mood at all

I feel like having a bad fever .daymn !

Oh yeah ,yesterday i met Mai at t.sq but i didn’t have the chance to say hye because me and fye were rushing to withdraw the money .huhu

I’ll update later .whenever i have the time and idea to blog .ya-haa(:



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