Sunday, November 23, 2008

ohh me

Regret !

darn !aku regret with what i said before about that girl tu lah
i think she's reading my fucking blog
oh God ,i am sorry dear !
well ,i was angry and upset time tu .
bak kate fizah ,bile marah ,sume pun keluar kan ?hehe
if your reading this ,,,,,
you i really am sorry ok ?
i was not supposed to say those words to you
i know you hate me but i'm not supposed to hate people
it's between mereka and Allah lah
i dowanna get involve eventho they were talking shits about me kan ?
you i said i'm sorry !really am
i love you babi !:)
haha tak pasal ;p

anyway ,,just now i chatted with bombet and accidentally with awai :)
i miss both of them !
but i missed bombet more !
he's a jerk !stupid jokes of his ,rindunyaaa hai :(

this bloody bombet broke up with his girlfriend and he was not in the mood and stress
aku pun tapaham masalah cinta dorg
hehe ;p

the we talked about Irul
ohh did i call u Irul ?
No i didnt kan ?
i called u with the name Nuar
hehe :)

how i missed school life
if i would turn back time
serunuknya hai
umur 20 is coming
what am i gonna be agaknye ?
haih ,seram !=S

and oh ayin ,i wanted your kucing that day but then the matter of fact that i tinggal di hostel enn ?:(
ayin busuk mcm kucing punya taek ?
hhaha gurau jek yaw :p


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