Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It was mya's bday on the 16th of November .
Omg !For real ?She's older than me yaw !:p
nway ,Happy Belated Birthday NurMahirah Wahid !
i don't mind you looking ugly .as long as you're happy like a monkey having her favourite banana !i know you're doing good. :D
she had a jolly good time last year .how will this year be he he he hey? :p

she was too well fed ,her tummy expanded, and look there's an
anticline. hahahahahahahhahahahahahaha!
as long as you're healthy! (:

soo, Happy 19th Birthday!
eeeeeeeee, you're getting olddddd. hahaha :p
i love you muchy much okeyh :-*

and ohh ,i did sleepover at mya's frm 14th to 16th .haha sumpah lame gile ennn ?;pp
well ,i helped her A LOT okay !;)
i do the kerja dapur ,i angkat the meja and kerusi and i sleep banyak .haha ;pp
mya fetched me on the 14th tu around 4pm cmtu .then ,we straight away went to ikano to ambek her mom .she's buying jelly cake for mya but ended up suruh kak ya beli kt taman desa
then when to her rumah .i was GILA BABI punya malu and mya was like "kau nak malu ape ?kau nak aku lempang kau laju-laju ke ?"
haha she kept saying that coz i kept on saying that "aku malu ah mya"
sorry mya ,but that's just me :)
and at night ,mya ,me and hakim went to the curve to meet uncle wahid and to buy shirts for hakim .he starts his new job next week aku dgr .congrats yo bro !:)
the makan at the curve .Padahal aku dgr aunty cakap "mya ,dinner kat rumah ,lauk banyak tu"
bengong btl mya ,tak dengar kate ibumu !hehe
we went back home around 9pm .hakim bought a book which he borrowed the money from mya .he said he's gonna pay her back later .haha funny ;p

The next day ,i woke up at 7am coz aunty screamed mya's name out loud !haha
Aunty and uncle were preparing to go to singapore
Then ,me and mya went downstairs TANPE mandi and i helped her out with potong-potong stuff
Then ,aunty turun for breakfast and lectured aku pasal masak and all those coz aku nampak cm tataw memotong .haha
They laughed at me and aunty said "learn thru experiences"
ohh mahn ,the problem is ,i dnt have any experiences .i dnt cook at home .Neither my mom .haha ;pp
Went to redha's around 12pm
sumpah aku buring at redha's coz aku x knal sape .
there were aku ,mya ,alyaa ,dann ,redha ,acap and haziq
i know them but they dnt know me as usual :(
then makan-makan ,gelak and took photos but i dnt have the photos with me because sume kat mya's camera :(
pulang around 3pm
sent dann home and we girls sambung masak kt rumah mya
i was having second thought samada nak tido or not .
gile x sampai hati nak tido while dorg penat2 masak enn ;pp
last2 ,tolong gak potong2 potatoes :)

hye ,,die Alya Qaryna :]

at night ,people came to the party around 8/9pm cmtu
redha and dann came first .they did the fire sume
pastu dann balik jap coz nak tuka baju and all
then makan makan makan dan terus makan ..
zetyy and her cousin pun sampai
pastu borak-borak
then i started to get bored coz i was not in the mood to talk

then sent alya home :(
alaa she tak stayed over at mya's .sedih :'(
pastu redha and dann lepak sampai 2am cmtu
aku lame dh masuk tido
hahah penat yo !:P

ohh before sending her home ,we all throw telur at mya
sorry babe ,it was REDHA's idea !!!
blame on him doh !;pp
me and alya joint them
but that fucking telur tamaw pecah !
bodoh betol !
high quality telur ahh tu !shial

the next day ,aku and mya woke up at 11am
haaa hambek kau !
lame gile kiterang tido ;pp
we had breakfast and watched melodi
after zohor ,mya sent me to lrt station
haiiihhh ,goodbye mya's house !
it's nice to meet org2 kt rumah die :))

thanks mya for everything

i had fun ya'know !:D:D:D
eventhough badan aku sakit-sakit .haha
next time when i come to ur house again ,make sure your marisa and amily ade skali coz when i watched movie with hakim ,i know he got annoyed with me coz i kept asking him about the story .haha sorry hakim ,that's the way i watch movie ;P
ohh how i missed those moments kann ???:(((((((((


Blogger Mahirah said...

aku sgt syg kau!
aku bru la prsn this blog.
oh thank u thank u very much syg.

November 24, 2008 at 10:54 PM 

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