Thursday, July 31, 2008

if you could see me now

i am SICK and bored silly. :( my tummy is hurting so bad and i am tired but my eyes won't shut. gjfisdu. i didn't go to the meeting for PGG last night because i pee every thirty minutes and aku malas wahh :PP. it was exhausting. gaaah. then i slept around 2 after reading this novel i borrowed it from fye .i haven't take my tablets. i don't like them. i throw the panadol away, it taste like sh*t. eeeeew. : real sick. i woke up the next day at 9am and no one was in the room so i get ready for class . haha. i ate my breakfast, roti coconut. and went to class with nad ,yong ,ida, fye ,zetyyy and fizah .thank god they were still waiting for me coz i think i'm the lambat-est one ..ahahha :PP
fun. now,it's 10.21pm ,,i'm waiting for fye untuk makan waahhh !!itu fye study di libray lama amat !!lapaaaarrrr wahh aku ini !hehe :P
i have quiz tomorrow but i havent studied yet ,i better get off now before fye mengamok .hahaha

ciao ~


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