Monday, July 21, 2008

damn it !

aww man ,,dh ade assignment which is fcuking damn shiat ahhh !
malas betul aku
dh ahh aku kene participate in class which i hate it and gila laah malas aku nk bersuara
hahaha :P

class BM sgt fun but bitches yg bising gila amat mmg lah menyampahkan !
hmph !

other classes okay lahh kan
and my schedule not that pack which i can go shopping in the evening !
yayyy ;DD

i just dapat gamba2 time orientation week di gumbakk ini ..
best juga !
rindu pula sama taaruf week where we can observe other ppl punya cara
and paling aku rindu tidur di masjid !!!!!!
heheh =D

esuk class at 10am and i go online mcm gila x igt dunia :P
and duit abes lahh sengkek aku lepas ni :PP

ciaoooo ~


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