Tuesday, July 15, 2008


is this what ppl are waiting for ?
mann ,it's kinda buring and depressing .
idk why ppl are waiting to go for uia gumbakk ,,
ppl here are weird and anoyying .
i hate it but i love the food !
but the price is HELL expensive shialll
i cannot afford it i tell you .

i love this place because it seems like i'm studying di overseas .hahaha
friends come and go .
you better not stick to one jek ,nurin !
tell you what ,,ppl here dont care about you and never notice that your around .so ,dun bother them !
do what ever you wanna do and duncha ever miss them because you know ,they never missed you laaahh !
they are hypocrite !they are evil !
they are fun indeed

indonesians here are friggin hawt shiall
i LOVE them !haha
yet ,they dunno me .ciss !

baby ,i miss rumah !shiatttt
i wish i could go home now and never gonna be here like for ever !
for the sake of my parents ,i'm here and gonna major in communication as what my parents are wishing for .
pray for me and others !
taaa ~i miss blog-ing !!ciisss :(


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